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Tankcon offers new and used silo / bulk tank containers

Some general information concerning silo / bulk (tank) containers:

Pressurised cylindrical silo container – an integrated single-compartment vehicle
In a container frame and designed for top loading. Offloading via pneumatic discharge.

Pressurised dry bulk box container – a single-compartment tank container
Designed for top loading and offloading via pneumatic discharge.

Non-pressurised dry bulk box container – a specific freight container
Adapted for transport of dry bulk cargo, including aluminium box containers and bag-in-box containers. Bag-in-box dry bulk containers include a liner (i.e. a container-sized bag) equipped with fill and discharge valves. The container is emptied by tilting it, using rotary valves to discharge its contents.

A container on a chassis / trailer using twist locks. The tipping chassis is designed to elevate the container to a 35-40 degree angle.

20 feet Silo Tank Container
30 feet Silo Tank Container
40 feet Silo Tank Container

Some Information:
Suitable for wet and dry goods
With or without working pressure
Capacities as from 25000 liters up to 70000 liters.

Silo Tank Container Delivery in whole Europe.