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(Tank) container inspection

Tankcon is aware of the importance of thorough inspection of tank containers and their vital parts within the logistics and transport sector.
One of the biggest challenges in the container industry is the high cost of (tank) container repairs.
Lack of quality control is at the root of this problem. 
Without local technicians, users and traders lose direct control over the safe use or supply of containers, resulting in unnecessary costs.
Within this highly competitive market, it is now more important than ever to know about the condition of the tank container before you decide to purchase or rent.

Some of our inspection services:

•  ISO tank container inspection

•  ISO tank in-rental inspection
•  ISO tank out-rental inspection
•  Reefer in-rental
•  Reefer out-rental
•  IICL/ACC container inspection
•  In/out-rental condition inspection
•  Inspection during repair or modification of container


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