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Purchase and sales of new and used ISO containers

With over 15 years’ experience in the international transport sector, Tankcon offers you reliable quality, expert knowledge of the industry and extensive transport options. Tankcon is perfectly located for the dynamic world of transport in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The flow of goods increases day by day. Our comprehensive logistical services enable us to meet the continuously changing needs of our customers. Tankcon Logistiek provides first class expertise, cost-effective business solutions, reliability, honesty, integrity and offers you all the logistical support you need. Some examples include transport of chemicals, foodstuffs, asphalt/bitumen, gas, water, beer and chilled goods in bulk. Our experienced specialists offer you objectivity and flexibility. We believe in long-term partnerships and working closely together with our customers is what sets us apart. We support you every step of the way, from inquiry to acquisition and beyond. We built Tankcon purely on reputation, quality, flexibility and above all, trust. Our impressive client base is testimony to this. We offer high quality service at affordable prices.


We offer:

•  Chemical tank containers

•  Foodstuffs tank containers
•  Asphalt / bitumen tank containers
•  Gas tank containers
•  Swap body tank containers
•  Reefer / chilled tank containers
•  Beer tank containers

•  Water tank containers
•  Storage tank containers
•  Silo / bulk tank containers
•  Flexi tank containers
•  All types and sizes of marine dry/sea containers


Offshore certified containers, including:

•  Cryogenic tank containers

•  Horizontal and vertical offshore chemical tank containers

•  Helifuel tank containers

•  Lined acid tank containers

•  Reefer containers and specialised equipment



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