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New and used Asphalt / Bitumen tank containers

Tankcon provides new and used Asphalt / Bitumen tank containers.
These tanks containers also referred to as IMO, ISO or UN Portable T tank containers are suitable for the safe storage and transport of both hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquid and gas commodities.
Whether by truck, rail, ship, or barge these ISO/TC, CSC, TIR, UIC, IMDG, US DOT, RID/ADR, CTC approved tanks can legally and safely transport your cargo worldwide.

You can find below some specifications of our Asphalt / Bitumen tank containers:

- Capacity: 25000L / (6604 US Gallons ) 5500 Gallons Imp.
- T3 20FT HC ISO Full Frame Design
- Design temp. -40°C up-to +200°C / -40°F up-to +392°F
- Flame Tube Design (direct fire)
- 3" and/or 4" Bottom Discharge include 3” Cam-Lock coupling (m) & dustcap
- Heavy Insulated 50mm
- Approved

For further information, please contact our sales team:

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