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New and used Silo / Bulk tank containers

Tankcon provides new and used Silo / Bulk tank containers.
We hereby give you some information about Silo/Bulk (tank) containers

• Pressurised cylindrical silo container: a single-compartment vessel built:
Into a container frame and designed for top loading and for discharge by air pressure and tipping.

• Pressurised dry bulk box container: a single-compartment tank container:
Designed for top loading and for discharge by air pressure and tipping.

• Unpressurised dry bulk box container: a freight container specifically
Adapted to carry dry bulk cargo e.g. alu-box containers and bag-in-box containers. Bag-in-box dry bulk containers contain a liner (i.e. a bag with the size of the container), equipped with fill and discharge spouts. Whereas loading is done over the top, discharge is usually done by gravity by tipping the container and using rotary valves.

• Container:
A container attached to a chassis / trailer with the use of twist locks. The tipping chassis is designed to raise the container to an angle of 35-40 degrees.

20 feet Silo Tank Container
30 feet Silo Tank Container
40 feet Silo Tank Container

Some Information:
Suitable for wet and dry goods
With or without working pressure
Capacities as from 25000 liters up to 70000 liters.

Silo Tank Container Delivery whole Europe.

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