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New and Used Offshore (tank) containers Tankcon

Tankcon provides New and Used Offshore (tank) containers with T4, T7 and T11 classifications for the range chemical products storage and transport solutions.

Hereby some types of new Offshore (tank) containers that we sell:
- Cryogenic tank containers
- Horizontal and vertical off shore chemical tank container
- Helifuel tank container
- Lined acid tank container
- Closed Offshore Containers
- Open Top Offshore Containers
- Mini Offshore Containers
- Pallet Offshore Containers
- Offshore Basket Containers
- Offshore Tank Containers
- Offshore Waste Containers
- Offshore Workshop Containers

For further information, please contact our sales team:

Edisonweg 7-19
3208 KB Spijkenisse
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 181 769148
Mob.: +31 652 636370