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Tankcon is a professional tank container sales, lease, rental, logistics and inspection company.

Tankcon is an independently owned and operated Dutch tank container, logistics and inspection supplier company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands but giving worldwide services.

We offer you new and used ISO containers such as:

Chemical tank container
Foodgrade / foodstuff tank container
Bitumen tank container
Gas tank container
Swap body tank container
Reefer /  refrigerated tank container
Water tank container
Storage tank container

Silo / bulk tank container
Flexi tank container
All size and types of marine - dry / sea - containers
Offshore certified container such as:
Cryogenic tank containers
Horizontal and vertical off shore chemical tank container
Helifuel tank container
Lined acid tank container
Reefer container and specialized equipment

We have a large stock of cargo (tank) containers in every size, and our experienced customization team can customize any container to suit any need.
Do you need a chemical tank container, foodstuff tank container, gas tank container, lined acis tank container, silo/powder/bulk tank containers, any kind of dry box container such as 20 ft, 30,ft 40ft, open top containers, portable office, living quarters, a hunting lodge, storage unit, or boat house? No worries! Tankcon can help you with your standard or special need.

Tankcon is perfectly positioned for the dynamic world of transport in Rotterdam the Netherlands with its commodity flows growing day by day in logistics and any kind of port activity. When we set up our comprehensive logistical service offers, we not only recognize the continuously changing requirements of the customers but we implement them in individuals and effective service packages.

Tankcon Logistics offers first class expertise, cost effective business solutions, reliability, honesty, & integrity to support all of your logistics needs such as chemical logistics, food logistics, packaging logistics, distribution, etc. With our experienced professional people we offer you a objectivity and flexibility, Tankcon sees you as a partner instead of a customer which is based on success and continued profitability.

We believe in long term relationships and partnering with our customers is what sets us apart from other companies. We fully support you before, and long after the sale / service.

As you can see from our impressive client list background, we have built Tankcon purely on reputation, quality, flexibility, reliability and most importantly on trust. We offer top quality service and affordable prices.

Please feel free to contact us as we are always happy to discuss any requirements you may have.